CredifX is the first commercial real estate debt marketplace of its kind, built on the premise that quality data is the underpinning of market efficiency. In order to add an extra layer of quality assurance to all of our deals facilitated through the CredifX platform, we leverage the CrediFi commercial real estate database. This resource gives CredifX the unique ability to guarantee a higher level of quality and actionability to every financing relationship created through our marketplace, accessing proprietary information on $12 Trillion in financing and 44 Billion square feet in assets.

Property violations, capital expenditure, market data, news, comps, nearby lending activity and proprietary investment scores are just some of the data points used to ensure the accuracy of CredifX’s algorithmic matching between borrowers, brokers and lenders. By overlaying CrediFi’s commercial real estate data into every financing request, the CredifX marketplace has an embedded level of data-backed diligence so that every lead is real, certified and actionable.